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The book conveys in an easy-to-understand language the most complicated, critical knowledge and processes involved in aircraft ground handling. At the same time, the book gives an overview of the airport, the multitude of agencies operating or servicing the airport, basic or core aviation knowledge that is necessary for anyone interested in pursuing a career in this industry.

The book also supports enthusiasts or professionals interested to gain collaborative understanding from related fields. This is due to the commonness of some processes and attitudes. It brings about the culmination of over 26 years of experience and qualification in various fields of the civil aviation industry. One of the most important and crucial of all airport functions is aircraft ground handling, which is performed by ground handling companies or agents (GHA). GHAs perform their functions under strict international/national regulations and requirements. The book brings out the most important sections of aircraft ground handling of the GHA, the functions and processes involved. It also entails the base knowledge and related factors required to perform the services to a customer airline. There are critical processes, highly skilled manpower requirements and specialised equipment that are involved within ground handling at an airport to ensure a safe, punctual, most efficient and economical operation.

This book entails to cover as much as possible some of those critical functions. Although the technology/processes uses local rules and regulations, the airport structure may vary from one to another, region to another, but the basics remain an everlasting requirement. This book is bringing forth that knowledge and understanding to the reader, thus empowering him/her.

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