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SKILLS THAT BUILD is a series that guides parents and educators to develop a child's essential life skills through activities that reinforce each skill in a fun and engaging way! Scare the spectre of mathematics away and develop mathematical thinking in a fun setting! Many grow up fearing the maths taught in school, which seems like a set of dull, tricky and timeconsuming rules. This is primarily because we are not taught to apply the tools of mathematics to understand the world. Being a Mathematician empowers a child by helping to develop winning-edge mathematical thinking instead of focussing solely on the rote learning of rules in order to solve math problems. The creative activities included in the book are uniquely designed to help exercise, nurture and enhance a child's ability to think mathematically. Effectively, this becomes a lifelong skill that ensures success. What's more: fun activities designed to run parallel to school curricula, engaging young minds in a much more interactive manner.

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