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Butterflies of the United Arab Emirates is the first comprehensive, illustrated account of the butterflies found in the UAE and adjacent areas of Northern Oman.

Featuring 58 species in the main Checklist, these include a mix of resident butterflies, regular migrants, occasional visitors and introduced species. Three species were newly recognised during fieldwork for this book. The book also discusses 11 additional species whose status in the UAE is exceptional or uncertain.

Individual species accounts highlight identifying characteristics for the butterflies and provide information about their distribution, habitat, flight periods, larval foodplants and behaviour. Each species account is complemented by numerous photographs, with many that illustrate eggs, larval and pupal stages. The book also contains a ‘Beginner’s Guide’ section that can assist readers new to butterfly studies or the UAE. A separate chapter examines the diversity of the UAE butterfly fauna in biogeographical terms.

A must-have guide for field observers, this book is aimed at promoting greater appreciation for these beautiful and fascinating creatures among the general population of the modern-day UAE.

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