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Have you ever considered how many opportunities you have missed and how many chances you have wasted by lacking self-confidence when you need it most? Have you ever given up on your plans, important goals, and dreams not because you just decided to focus on something else, but simply because you were too SCARED or hesitant to even start, or stick up to the plan and keep going? Due to early social conditioning and many other influences, most people on this planet are already familiar with all these feelings. It's high time you did something about it too because, truth be told, self-confident people just have it way easier in every single aspect of life! In this book, you will read about: -How, when, and why society robs us all of natural confidence and healthy self-esteem. -What kind of social and psychological traps you need to avoid in order to feel much calmer, happier, and more confident. -What ‘natural confidence’ means and how it becomes natural. -What ‘self-confidence’ really is and what it definitely isn’t (as opposed to what most people think!). -How your mind hurts you when it really just wants to help you, and how to stop the process. -What different kinds of fear we feel, where they come from, and how to defeat them. -How to have a great relationship with yourself. -How to use stress to boost your inner strength. -Effective and ineffective ways of building healthy self-esteem. -Why the relation between self-acceptance and stress is so crucial. -How to stay confident in professional situations.

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