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I had started writing poetry when I was very young. I would write occasionally for the for the school and it would be put up the notice boards. Then due to a pressure of studies it took a back seat. This passion was rekindled when after a long time I wrote a poem for my finance, now my husband, titled “Ankahee Baatein”. This led to the “uncapping of my pen”. Then my poems started being published in local newspapers – Khaleej Times & Gulf News every week. This encouraged me to write more. My fascination with the sculpting of thought through placement of words became ever greater than before.

Today I often write when I have some emotional moments or when I see and appreciate the creations of Lord Almighty.

As you might wonder why and how in 3 different languages – it is because at the time when the thought comes in the particular flow I pen in that language. This is so especially when I meditate, the experience to capture it, has to be the way it comes. Hence the 3 different languages.

All these 111 poems I have personally recited in my own voice for your listening pleasure as it was the request of many of my friends.

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