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“He is exactly what this age needs, a real voice of universal spirituality. His appeal is urgent, human and sacred.”  DAN CRUSEY Sidney, Ohio “Each era has its own prophet poets. Russia has been praying and is praying poems by Pushkin, a holy name for every Russian. Ayaz seems to touch us with that sensitivity, inspiring and changing the rhythm of our breathing.”  SEBARITA KAKHOVSKAYA Ukraine                                  
“His words transform you through a subtle Alchemy process, and; you suddenly travel from a Neophyte to the Connoisseur of Mysteries. His poetry is a gateway to the stars!” ELLURA ZURIA Rhön, Germany “Reading Ayaz is akin to a journey into the mysterious ‘East’ where tradition and values are interwoven intricately into grand imagery. His words capture one’s heart in a time capsule, holding it there to ache for more.” CHERRY ANDAYA POLISTICO Bacoor, Philippines “It so opens the windows of our hearts, that the walls appear as mere illusion.” JANET LIA AWE Studio, Seattle “A fresh breath of cosmic air. Full of wisdom – earthly and esoteric.” ISRAEL BERGER Rehovot, Israel “A journey into the heart of existence. I read, and meet the Beloved  everywhere along!” MEIKE SCHÜTT Tyagarah, NSW, Australia “He has challenged my perspective on life and love.” PAUL BOHANNON Fort Bragg, California  "It reads and feels like a new Upanishad." Sharon Rea Swansea, United Kingdom  “Glistening in the Sun – A Diamond, Ruby, and Rose Quartz ALL in ONE!”  Elyse Simon Narragansett, Rhode Island “Ayaz brings us water – a drop, a cup, a waterfall. It depends upon the size of your vessel. Words are weapons, or merely pointing pathways. He will point  you home. You are Home!” GENEVIEVE G. JONES Melbourne, Australia

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