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Is your life's pendulum stuck on one side? Many of us live predominantly on the dualistic plane where we see, perceive, and experience everything in opposites. This viewpoint reflects in our thoughts, ideas, emotions, and behaviours, and can be defined as either good or bad, love or hate, forgiveness or revenge, conformity or individuality, patience or retaliation, you or I, or material or divine. Life is an ongoing expression of the struggle between these two polar opposites-each pushing or pulling us its own way. Humaira Nasim relies on her experience as a passionate relationship, life, and success coach to guide others to understand how we are the consciousness behind these polarities and that these are roles we can choose to play and use if and when they serve us. Through her guidance, others will learn how to bring energy and intention into daily actions, attain balance within ourselves and relationships, break the shackles of societal conditioning, and ultimately rediscover a life that is in alignment. This book helps you neutralize and integrate your primordial polarities by finding a middle ground and knowing the opposites while sometimes experiencing a shift to either side in order to find the center. Keep swinging your life's pendulum back and forth!

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