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The Trials Of Allura

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Allura’s life is a testament to the strength and resilience of cross-cultural educated Middle Eastern women in the modern age, who are railing against a life that makes little sense, with all its twists and turns.  Her compelling emotional journey is based on true stories of extraordinary women who are wrongly conceived by the outside world as “spoilt.”  A tower of strength and energy, her enthusiasm to challenge life’s obstacles and temptations reflects some of the mind-blowing hardships some women experience.  Bound by passion, linked by need – she is compelled to stand on her two feet early in life. Having a first-hand experience of the real world, Allura’s reclusive and vulnerable character turned into bold, courageous, resolute, fiery and tempestuous. Social constraints, family upheavals and unexpected tragedies are just among a few things that force Allura to make life changing choices of her own, which is when her whole world begins to unravel.  Inspired by a true story.

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