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“It is certainly interesting to draw up recommendations as to how the advertising industry should abandon its current role in favor of a socially useful one.” Dr. Noam Chomsky “A thoroughly captivating look into marketing, the history, the tools, strategic frameworks and the changes that are happening to the industry, along with insightful recommendations on how to move forward. Peppered with delightful anecdotes, psychological insight and case studies, this is a MUST-READ book to anyone interested in Marketing.

It is the art of how 60 seconds can still transform a business and society.” Muna AbuSulayman, International development expert and a prominent media personality “We are in an industry that lost its way. An industry that is exchanging the power of affecting culture, for short-term profits. Ahmad, in his book, reminds us of the intellectual prowess the ad industry once enjoyed. In the process, he’s debating the most intellectual human alive!” George Maktabi, Group CEO, Webedia Arabia “At a time when the advertising industry is questioning its own meaning, role, and purpose, “Adman” calls for authentic, constructive self-reflection instead of fruitless navel-gazing.

In simple, personal yet powerful terms, Ahmad Abu Zannad takes a stand, deconstructing clichés and confronting harsh truths to proudly reclaim advertising’s unique place in the world.” Nathalie Bontems, Former GM and head of editorial publishing, MediaQuest “Yes, the average person is being exposed to 6,000–10,000 ads per day… Now, imagine living in world full of ads made by individuals with less talent and less integrity, well, this is where the industry is heading, unless the advice in this book is pursued … What an insightful read and what an inspiring effort!” Samer Shoueiry, Chief digital officer, Publicis Communications

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