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FORBIDDEN is a book on love, can be classified as a Love Tragedy. It has its moments of love, romance, humour and suspense. One can falter in love and the consequences can be devastating not only for the fallen but also for the people around him.

The story revolves around 4 main characters in the book – Karan, Sanjana, Simran and Pooja. Karan is a successful management professional and a squash champion. He is also married, to Sanjana. But Karan is not happy in marriage and seeks for love outside marriage. He meets Simran on a squash court in Abu Dhabi during a tournament and they get attracted to each other. However, after meeting in Abu Dhabi, they decide not to meet again and leave their attraction to destiny.

Destiny does intervene and Karan and Simran happen to end up working in the same company. Pooja is Karan’s colleague and has romantic feelings towards Karan.

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