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The World Ahead: 2022 will build on more than three decades of publishing success - this will be the 36th edition. It will consider the unpredictable “new normal” that is emerging as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, and what it means for politics, economics, business, science and culture.

It will also analyse the US-China rivalry, look forward to the 75th anniversary of India’s independence and ask what the US mid-term elections, and other elections around the world, reveal about the health of democracy and the state of populism.

A special section, New for ’22, will consider emerging technologies to watch in 2022, from personalised nutrition to hydrogen-powered aircraft and 3D-printed houses.

The World Ahead: 2022 is the flagship product of The World Ahead, The Economist ’s future-focused franchise, which also includes the What If scenarios supplement (published every July), films, podcasts and live events.

The World Ahead: 2022 will have a global circulation of 1m, with a readership of 2m in the English print edition alone. It will be printed in Britain, America and Singapore, circulated in 90 countries and translated into more than 24 languages. Reader research has shown that the average time spent reading the publication is over three hours. Nearly 90% of readers say that The World Ahead offers insight that is not available elsewhere; eight out of ten readers keep it as a source of reference and over 95% intend to read the edition again.

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